We are: -

  • An Automatic Fire Alarm Network Provider to ACT Fire & Rescue.
  • An Automatic Fire Alarm Service Provider to Fire & Rescue NSW
  • A Fire Alarm Service Provider in Victoria to MFB & CFA via ESTA

We provide the proven and highly renowned Alarm Signalling Equipment (‘ASE”) designed and manufactured in Australia by Romteck Australia Pty Ltd and network the ASE to a magnificent, purpose built Monitoring Centre independently assessed as Grade A1 being the highest possible rating.

We are a fully independent monitoring organization able to report to you without a conflict of interest, including how often your fire service company has tested your systems and how many alarms were generated.

We can also arrange monitoring of other signals such as plant & equipment.

Grid Security Services Pty Ltd holds Master Licence Number 401 249 042 under the provisions of the NSW Security Industry Act 1997 and offers an extensive range of security services.


  • Who is actually doing my monitoring?
  • Are my alarms being monitored in an ASIAL Graded A1 Central Monitoring Station owned and operated by the company actually doing my monitoring?
  • Am I interested in potential cost savings by having a specialist 100% Australian owned monitoring company provide all of my monitoring requirements?
  • Am I interested in having my monitoring provided across high quality resilient communication links?


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